Hello – hope this email finds you well.
As you are no doubt fully aware, being in the service industry yourself, we always hear when something goes amiss or is less than one’s expectations and hear little when exemplary service has been performed. Being sensitive to this, I wanted to express my utmost praise and appreciation for the service performed by each and every individual who attended to the (client’s) home on Tuesday.
Each and every one of them were respectful – kind – courteous – careful and by all means efficient. We loved their personalities and that each one had a connection to the arts. This was a team you should be extremely pleased and grateful to have in your company.
The level of experienced service was beyond my expectation and I want to thank you for ensuring that commitment to quality service – I would be more than pleased to recommend this crew and your company to anyone who may be in need of this service.
Again my thanks
Lori Brien, CA

@HumberGallery: A big thank-you to @museumpros who did a great job installing both paintings!

KPMG installation view 1


KPMG installation view 02


Hi Matt,

Just want to say, your framing and delivery team on the Luminato job are awesome!

Have a great day.



Steven Laurie
Associate Project Manager
Royal Ontario Museum


ROM installation view

I just wanted to extend a great thank you for your help in making the outdoor installation of the Guy Dill Sculpture a success.  Aldo and Corey were great when they came back to help.  It is safe and I am very grateful.
Please thank your staff on behalf of Miriam, Simon and I.  We couldn’t have done it without your help. 

Paul Fulton
Gallery Registrar
Miriam Shiell Fineart
16A Hazelton Avenue
Toronto, Ontario.
M5R 2E2

Hello Foto Inc. ‏@wearehellofoto:  ready for the @gfgallery photography exhibition. thanks to @museumpros for the framing. http://instagr.am/p/KFxhaoMXYq/

Hello Foto framing work

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